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  Welcome to Ge Cheng & Co.

GE CHENG & CO. is organized by a group of leading Chinese attorneys in the field of intellectual property right who have an unrivalled depth of technical expertise and litigation experience in China. Our clients come from all sections of the community, from small enterprises, big international corporations, universities and research institutes, as well as Chinese companies in the fields of electronics, biochemistry, engineering, commercial, publication, entertainment, education industries etc. We also have very close professional relationship with IP firms all around world.

The Firm has office located in the heart of the city nearby the Forbidden City along the Chang An Avenue in Beijing, a resource in China's key commercial and regulatory center, providing a full range of intellectual property laws services by professionals who are experts in their fields. The firm also has a total staff of over 80, with 5 Partners and 40 Senior Associates and Associates.

We always offer our legal advice and guidance to you for the protection to our client's intellectual property. In our firm, quality, professional service and effectiveness go hand in hand.

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ニューバランス 996
Level 19, Tower E3, The Towers, Oriental Plaza, No.1, East Chang An Avenue, Beijing 100738, China
Tel: +86 (10) 8518 8598 Fax: +86 (10) 8518 3600/+86 (10) 8518 3601
E-mail: info@gechengip.com

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