IP Newsletter Issue 38 (2020-09-12)
Eight Chinese Corporations Have Entered the Top 50 Patent Filing

The latest report released by the World Intellectual Property Organization shows that in the technical field, digital communication surpasses computer technology and accounts for the highest proportion of published international patent filings. Behind these two areas are electrical machinery, medical technology and transportation.

China Telecom giant - Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. is the top applicant in 2018, with 5,405 international patent filings, hitting a record high. It is followed by Mitsubishi Electric Corporation of Japan, Intel Corporation of the United States, Qualcomm of the United States and Zhongxing Telecom Equipment of China. Of the top 10 applicants on the list, six are from Asia, two are from Europe, and the other two are from the United States.

Among the top 50 applicants, a total of 8 corporations are from China. In addition to the top 10 Huawei, ZTE and BOE, OP-PO, Tencent, SZ DJI Technology Co.,Ltd., CSOT, etc. are also on the list. CSOT (Wuhan) ranked the 50th.