IP Newsletter Issue 28 (2018-11-12)
Chinese Trademark Online Service System

   Chinese Trademark Office has announced that the trademark online service system is fully operated on November 5, 2018. Except for the trademark registration certificate, other trademark documents whose applications are submitted through online system, will be delivered in the form of electronic documents. However, if a trademark application is submitted in paper form, the trademark documents will still be delivered with paper documents.

   The publication system for trademark certification was launched on November 27, 2018, and it allows the public to view relevant certificates from the website of Trademark Office. The system is used to publish the basic information for trademark registration certificate, certificate of priority, approval of trademark change and transfer, renewal certificate and the like. Anyone can search with trademark registration number, applicant name, trademark or other conditions to check the content and validity of the above-mentioned trademark documents. A QR code will be assigned later by the Office to the trademark registration certificates. And QR code can be scanned to link to the publication system for verification of its content and effectiveness.