IP Newsletter Issue 23 (2016-11-16)
Bridgestone Sues Two Chinese Tire Manufactures for Patent Infringement

   Recently Bridgestone, a multinational tire company, sued Shengtai Group and Beijing Yongxing Jiye Tire Co Ltd who are two Chinese tire manufactures to stop patent infringement at once and claim about 27 million Yuan (about US$ 4 million) in damage.

   Beijing Intellectual Property Court heard this media-attractive case recently. Bridgestone claims the A399 tyre manufactured by the Chinese companies infringes its design patent. The infringed product A399 Tyre and design are basically similar in whole layout as well as shape, position and size of the lugs. According to common consumer’s acknowledge, no substantial difference between them could be identified.

   The manufacture and sale of Tire A399 in China were also confirmed by those two Chinese manufactures who argued that A399 tire is produced based on a prior design that is PW650 tire manufactured and sold by GITI (China) Investment Co in 2005. The Bridgestone’s design patent was published in 2007.

   Shengtai Group also requested Invalidation to Bridgestone’s design in SIPO.

   Now this case is still in pending in the Beijing IP Court.